Mattress Base
Premium fabric upholstery - Sturdy steel fittings - Strong wooden slat supports - Height: 30cm - Self assembly required

*Bases are available with the purchase of a mattress.

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We've made your choice easier by offering only 1 mattress that we've taken to the technological limit. But you won't know you've made the right choice until you've slept on it. And if the mattress just didn't quite work out for you, we'll understand! We're happy to take it back within 60 days.

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Buy your next mattress online from Sleeping Duck and enjoy the satisfaction of a great night's sleep. Our mattresses are designed in Australia using premium materials including memory foam, natural pinhole latex and independent pocket springs.

With a range that includes different firmness choices and breathable fabrics, you can rest assured that your mattress purchase will let you fall asleep with ease and awake more refreshed than ever. Try it for yourself with our 60 day trial period and experience the difference.

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